United Intranet – United Airlines Employee Intranet Portal

United Intranet is a private network portal exclusively available for United Airlines employees. This portal is to improve the communication between the employees and monitor the task. Log in to the United Flying Together employee portal to know more.

Things you need to log in to United Airlines Intranet :

  1. Your uID or Username
  2. The password of your account

If you are a new employee of United Airlines and do not know your username or password, you can simply reach out to the related HR administrator. He will help you with the flying together account set up. If you have the details mentioned above, follow these simple steps.

united intranet flying together

United Intranet – Flyingtogether.Ual.Com Login

  • Access official portal of United airlines intranet.
  • The web address to access the portal is https://flyingtogether.ual.com
  • Enter your United Airlines user id and password.
  • Hit on the login button and go to your account dashboard

Note: When you access https://www.flyingtogether.ual.com web address, it will simply redirect you to login.ual.com. This is the correct web page and you can log in from there.

Sometimes you may forget your united airlines’ intranet password. Do not panic because the process to reset your account password is really simple.

I Forgot My United Intranet Flying Together Password :

The steps to reset your password are :

  • Go to https://login.ual.com/oamsso-bin/ from your mobile devices or PC
  • Type your uID in the field mentioned uID or username.
  • Click on “Password Help” option available on the home page.
  • You will receive an email with instructions.
  • Go through the instructions carefully and reset your password.

Important: You must enter your united airlines user ID before you click on “Password Help” option. If you do not do so, a prompt will appear with the message “You need to fill in the employee ID to continue”

I am Unable to Login to United Airlines Intranet :

Sometimes you may have your uID and password with you and when you enter them it may show an error. Possible reasons for that :

  • You may have turned on the CAPS LOCK option and entered your password. This is a possible reason because the passwords are case sensitive. Kindly turn off the option and try again.
  • Check your internet connection. You might have lost your internet connection. Access another web page and check if it is working properly or not.
  • If you have checked both the cases above and the problem is still there, site downtime may be the reason for that. In this case, you should wait for some time and log in.
  • If you are a legacy continental co-worker, you cannot use legacy user ID.

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